Juliana Bronzova

Juliana Bronzova, MD DSc


Dr. Juliana Bronzova, brings more than 20 years combined experience of clinical practice, Academic and Pharma Industry research. With leadership in all facets of clinical development, clinical safety and business development during her time in Pharma Industry she was given senior roles in both Research and Development Divisions within the organization. She led the initial company biomarker strategy development, early discovery programs in Neuroscience (psychiatry; neurodegenerative disorders and TBI), global clinical development projects. She is also experienced in global regulatory strategy, with successful FDA, EU and Japanese Health Authority interactions. She served as a Chair of Joint Clinical teams; Chair of Advisory Boards and member of DSMBs. She was one of the champions of cross-functional and Alliance management, clinical safety strategy and polices development, consulting Business Development in evaluation of numerous of CNS compounds. In 2011 she left pharma industry and founded clinical development consulting company.

At European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN) she is serving as a Science Director since 2012 and a member of Central Coordination, the executive management of EHDN involved in number of different activities like research, clinical trials, communication and grant management oversight.