About us

Who we are?               

The Huntington Disease Clinical Trials Task Force (HD-CTTF)  is an entity that works under the auspices of CHDI and the European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN). Experts in clinical drug development, clinical research methodology, clinical operations, and Huntington disease form the core team of the HD-CTTF.  In addition, there is a larger group of experts in sub-specialty disciplines, including toxicology, pharmacokinetics, statistics, clinimetrics, cognition, motor and behavioral assessments who collaborate with the HD-CTTF. These experts participate in meetings or specific discussions on a case by case basis.

The HD-CTTF provides assistance on request to partners involved in HD therapy research.


Where we come from?

The HD-CTTF was established in 2012 as part of the implementation of the EHDN Strategic Scientific Plan. The HD-CTTF Chair and members were appointed by the EHDN Executive Committee with the remit of providing expertise in HD clinical research within the EHDN. The remit was soon expanded, in direct collaboration with CHDI, to include all external partners interested in developing a therapeutic strategy in HD, including those that reach out to CHDI for advice regarding clinical development plans. There are a set of criteria (see procedures) a partner must meet to have access to the resources made available by the HD-CTTF.

In order to meet the demands of HD clinical R&D the HD-CTTF has grown into a global group supporting the efforts of the HD community.


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